The entire staff at Jobe Funeral Home are the most caring, supportive and professional people. From the night my mom passed away to the day she was buried, Jobe was there. They helped to make one of my moms very personal and important last wishes a reality
Lucy B.
5/5 on Google
Very caring group
Florence Bacco
5/5 on Google
I just had an encounter with the most sincere and loving group of people ever! I first asked yesterday to have several pieces of jewelry transferred from remains and Mike told me to bring it in the next day
Schshawanna Jones
5/5 on Google
I have been to this Place more than I would care to go. The owners of the Home are nothing short of caring and professional. I highly recommend and I hope not to have to come back anytime soon.
Toby Yurko
5/5 on Google
My AuntMary Ann Moores had died at nearly 90 years old. She was my spiritual mentor and mother. My life was changed and guided by her. God blesses her. It helps to have family.
Stephen Moores
4/5 on Google