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Thankyou to Doug and his staff for walking me threw this made ordell less stressfull Thankyou again Ms Polansky
Debbie Polansky
Everything was handled very well. My sister and i were led every step of the way and everyone was understanding, gentle, and accommodating. I can't think of anything Chicagoland Cremation could have done better.
B Smoov
thank you very much for taking care of our family
Chris Hecker
I'm not sure where to start.  Well, it started with Chicagoland Cremation Options' website.  I saw Doug's smiling face and that's why I called.  I chatted with him and he explained the process to me and why I would choose his business over others
Vera M.
From the first call to them it was clear that Chicagoland Cremation Options was going to be easy to work with. There was zero pressure, and when I called back to let them know I was ready to move forward they remembered me
Michelle Weavil
March 25, 2021 my family lost our father... During this time we were completely devastated, our thoughts are blank, our minds were spinning and you really can't stop crying... My father's wishes were to be cremated and we did not know where to begin
Heather V.
This review is just based off of a phone interaction with the owner. No one enjoys making these kinds of calls but I was very happy and set at ease by the call that I had with the owner. He made sure he went through every explanation of every single expense And took more time with me than he needed to I am sure
Ana M.
I am very pleased with the way they have worked with me to give my Friend a final goodbye... Thank you so much for everything you have done for me
Peggy Golubski
I want to thank Chicagoland Cremation Options. Doug and Joyce were very comforting and thorough when it came to the whole process. They made us feel that they were there for us and our needs, not like a business just shuffling you through a process
Eddie Britton
My experience with Chicagoland cremation options has been absolutely wonderful. Under the painful and difficult circumstances at the loss of my wife they were incredibly helpful and compassionate. First of all we were out of state at the time, as she was being treated at a hospital specializing in cancer treatment
Paul Vidulich

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